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GOAT POKER 2012 Instructions

"Welcome to GoatPoker 2012!!"
You should find all of the information below necessary to navigate, enjoy, and possibly win a little sump'm tomorrow, ..have FUN!!


GoatPoker: Below, you will see several different files that can be used independently to find the chip pots. Depending on the navigational tools that you have available, ..and your desire to mess with them.. :), choose the one that works best for you.

On your map of choice, you will find 5 primary destinations, plus a bonus location. These locations will have a color-coded chip-pot. The chip-pots will have in them chips with a number on each that looks like this:

Each player will collect one chip from each pot. Only one of each color can be submitted so taking more doesnt help. Please honor this rule of play so others behind you can enjoy the same game you are. These pot locations will be un-manned, but marked by a crepe-paper party streamer. Spot the streamer, walk up to that bad-boy, and look at your toes. ...HEY NOW!! :) Each chip-number will represent a predesignated playing card that will be revealed at the awards party later. Participants must collect at least 5 different-colored chips to have a hand. If chips are attained from the map's "bonus" location as well, that player will have more than 5 cards from which to choose his 5-card hand.

After you have claimed at least 5 chips, bring them to the Goat Party at Brewligion at 1:00, and exchange them for their numbered playing-card counterparts.

Navigation Files:
'Riding With GPS' file
..make sure to hit the "overview" tab for instructions. This is a great site for this purpose. Complete w/ pics too!
The 'GeoLadders Waypoint Map
..an outline of the pot locations by waypoint as per geoladders.
A Coursemap On GeoLadders For Clarity Only
..a route posted by some rider that had no qualms with trespassing. ..A HOODLUM, NO DOUBT!!
The GoatPoker .pdf Map
..a printable graphic depiction of the course locations in .pdf form.
A link to Brew-ligion, ..we'll cya there!!

Easy Clues for locals: Look for the big red ribbon!!
Pot 1- ...the windmill, ..:)
Pot 2- ...at the base of the driveway leading up to the water tower at the yellow cross trailhead.
Pot 3- ...around the pink ribbon trailhead
Pot 4- ...west end of yellow ribbon, where it meets the parkinglot.
Pot 5- ...south end of the hogbacks rollercoaster, near the hole in the fence.
Pot 6- ...At the top of The Hill on the Los Alamos single track. ..look for the ribbon!!

The Geo-Cache: For those that do choose to use a gps capable device, there will also be a challenging geo-cache pot to discover. Information for that can be found here:the Goldenhorns Challenge

THIS IS NOT A RACE!! This event can be started whenever you choose, from wherever you choose. This event officially starts at 7 AM (pots will be there FOR SURE), tomorrow (saturday) morning. You can strategize your ride any way you like. Ride with a group of friends, or go it alone. Its up to you and there is no rush. The only pre-requisite with regards to schedule is the finish. All participants must be at Brewligion in Murietta at 1:00pm on Saturday, August 11 to claim their winnings.

If you would like to ride with a group, there are a few already scheduled. These will all be "no goat left behind" rides,
...with an emphasis on fun!

7:00 AM ---- Meadowview Windmill (parking at long creek park and james day middle school)
7:45 AM ---- Meadowview Windmill (parking at long creek park and james day middle school)
7:00 AM ---- Brew-ligion parking lot

I want to extend a very big "thank you" to the Goats that helped make this event possible: Matt Crowther, Glen Kratz, Ryan Strathearn, Jack Beasley, and Pat Hurter. It takes a herd of goats to kill a bear.

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